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7-day Intimacy program for women!

Explore the foundations for intimacy with yourself in the comfort of your own bed.

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Hi love,
On a personal note: I get it.

I also didn't know what I didn't know- until I did. 

A whole world opened up for me when I built a strong intimate connection to myself. Which goes worlds beyond org@sms alone.

After 10 years of researching, and experimenting, my conclusion is simple: it's all about the foundations to reach levels of depth, intimacy, pleasure and freedom.

Would you be curious to:
- Explore your own body
- Deeply connect to yourself
- Learn about foundations for intimacy
- Let go of the pressure to get to an org@sm

If your answer is 'YES'

Than keep on reading! We've made something for you. 

Much love,

Celeste, CEO of Guided IntoMe

Discover new
depths of

over de cursus

Make love to all parts of you

This week is designed to explore the intimate connection to yourself and a variety of avenues towards intimate self-pleasure.

What you'll receive

- 7-days of guided self-exploration. Paying attention to different foundations for intimacy with yourself. 

- Daily pre-recorded audio journey to explore intimacy with yourself.

- The guidance of leading women in the field of intimacy.

- Daily inspiration video with zooming in on different foundations for intimacy and what the effect can be on a meta and macro level. 

- +- 20 minutes a day dedicated to yourself

Intimacy program 

Day 1: The paradox of (self)pleasure 
✓ Video: pleasure as escapism v.s. liberation

✓ Guided audio: spa-like experience to relax-  Erica Eckel

Day 2: Cultivate the safety within

✓ Video: Finding safety within v.s. outside yourself

✓ Guided audio: Create a safe anchor within - Celeste December

Day 3: Imagination

✓ Video: Deepen your experience with your imagination

 Guided audioHands-free lovemaking- Yula Elysian
BONUS audio: Heart-mind connection - Jacelyn Holmes

Day 4: Deep listening

 Video: Deep listening to yourself

✓ Guided audio: Yoni exploration - Ava Tamar. 

Day 5: Curiosity

✓ Video: Curiosity and creative exploration 

✓Guided audio: opening yourself through sound - Alicia Nicole


Day 6: Playfulness

✓ Video: Playfulness 

✓ Guided audio: Get in touch with your playful side- Yala Schipper

Day 7: Sexual energy

✓ Video: Sexual energy: going beyond making babies or sex. 

✓ Guided audio: Wake up your sexual energy - Anna Kiesser

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It's a taster

This program is part of testing elements of the intimacy app that's being created. Therefore we keep it simple and send you the recordings + inspirational videos daily per e-mail.


Is the program for me if I have already done intimacy & tantra programs?

YES, even if you’ve been doing all the tantra courses. Self-pleasure can be a mirror to show where deepening is still possible. No matter where you are on your journey- coming back to your foundations is crucial for growth. So here we are: at your service ;). 

Is this program for me if I'm inexperienced with self-pleasure?

YES, absolutely the program is all about exploring the foundations for deeper intimacy. It doesn't matter how experienced or inexperienced you are. 

Is the program for me if I want to learn new techniques to masturbate?

Nope, this is not for you. This program is to explore intimacy and is not focused on specific masturbation techniques. the focus is very much on intimacy in general- which goes way beyond. 

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What about us?

Offerings for couples & men around intimacy are coming. We just needed to start... somewhere. Your patience is worth it. 

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Men & couples

Your money will be invested to empower as many humans as possible in cultivating an intimate relationship to themselves.

7-day Intimacy program for women

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Self-study program

- 7-days of daily automated content

- 20 minutes a day

- Lifetime access

Investment: € 140 -

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